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Ricoh, Savin, Gestetner or Lanier copier error codes errors jam code jamming problem help with ricoh aficio mp copiers copy machine copy machines 2022 2027 2035 2045 3025 3035 3045



Ricoh photocopier/printers error codes can be divided into three levels (A, B,C). The “A” level codes have high risk and involve the fusing unit problems. The machine operation is disabled. Only a service engineer should reset and repair this error. The B level errors are caused by one or more specific units. The machine operates as usual, excluding the related units. The C level errors have no effect on machine operation except to display a warning on the control panel. Error levels can be checked in service manuals under “troubleshooting” section.
SC543, SC545 codes:
SC543, SC545 are most common errors in Ricoh products. These errors indicate a problem in fixing temperature or thermistor. It is strongly recommended to call an authorized technician to reset and fix this problem because defected parts must be replaced/repaired before reseting these errors otherwise it may result in fire or other damages.
Error Code List:
Ricoh error codes are generally categorized into 9 categories. Each category starts with a unique number starting from 1 to9. A brief description is given below:
(a). 1xx Series (Scanning Related Problems)

SC 101Exporsure Lamp error
SC107Scanner Lamp Regulator Malfunction
SC120Scanner Home position Error
SC121Scanner home position error 2
SC 122Scanner home position error 3
SC 123Scanner home position error 4
Sc 124Scanner Motor encoder signal error
SC 125Scanner motor speed error1
SC 126Scanner motor speed error2
SC 127Scanner motor encoder rotating direction error
Sc 128Scanner motor start error
SC 129Scanner motor speed control error
Sc 130SBU defective error/ Scanner start abnormal
SC 131F-Gate Asserted during shading
SC 142White level detection error
SC 143SBU Auto adjust error
SC 144SBU Connection error
SC 150Scanner ROM Mismatch
SC 170Scanner DA1 Abnormal/Video processing
SC 171Scanner DA2 abnormal
SC 173Scanner Lamp regulator adjustment error
SC 174Scanner DA2 abnormal
SC 181CIS Lamp abnormal
SC 183CIS auto adjustment error
SC 184CIS Transmission error
SC 191Bar Code Scanning error
SC 192Automated SBU adjustment error/Bar code number is different
SC 193Image Transfer Error
SC 194SBU White level detection
SC 195DF Gate Assert error
SC 196DF Gate Negate error
SC 197DF Gate Error
SC 198Memory card error
SC 199DF Scanning finish error

Troubleshooting Tips:
SC101:Exposure Lamp error:
  • Exposure Lamp defective
  • Check exposure lamp connections and the stabilizer board.
  • Dirty scanner mirror or scanner mirror out of positions.
  • SBU board defective
SC143:SBU white/black level correction error:
  • Exposure lamp defected.
  • Dirty white plate.
  • BICU Board defective
SC198:Memory address error:
  • The firmware program of the engine and the controller do no match.
  • Controller Board defective

(b) 2XX Series For Laser Unit Problems
Possible Cause
Polygon Motor
Laser Sync Detect
Scan length detection
LD Power Supply Excessive
HP Sensor
HP Sensor not turning off
Line position Error
In some models (AF 2015 etc) 2xx error series does not exist.
(c) 3xx and 4xx Series Image Development Problems.

Polygonal mirror motor
Laser synchronization
LD Drive current over
Magnification Correction
LD Unit Home Position Error2
LD Unit no initial setting
Yellow Sleeve Motor Lock
Magenta Sleeve Motor Lock
Hard Disk Drive
Image Storage Address Error
Hard Disk Bad Sector Maximum
Yellow TD Sensor Detection Error
Cyan sensor Detection Error
Magenta TD Sensor Detection Error
Transfer Output Abnormal
Transfer Roller Leak
Transfer Belt Position Sensor
Transfer Belt Position Abnormal
Cleaning Motor Lock
Quenching Lamp
Main Motor Lock
Development Motor Lock
Image Transfer Belt Cleaning Unit Position Error
Thermistor1 Temperature
Toner Supply Motor Leak
Exhaust Fan Motor Lock
Main Fan abnormal
Transfer Bias Paper Attraction Roller Bias Leak
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC302:Charge Roller Current leakage
  • Clean the machine well.
  • Charge roller damaged.
  • Poor connection of the PCU
SC392:Toner density sensor initial setting is not performed correctly.
  • No developer
  • Developing roller does not turn.
  • Development roller coupling gear is not correctly attached.
  • Poor connection of PCU
  • ID sensor defective
SC402: Transfer roller lead error 2
  • High voltage supply board defective
  • Transfer/Separation unit set incorrectly
    Transfer roller damaged
(d) 5xx Series For Paper Feed and Fusing Problems

Possible Causes
SC500Main motor/transport motor lock/Fusing motor error
SC501Drawer 1 lift motor malfunction
SC5022nd or 1st tray lift motor malfunction
SC503Drawer3(or 2nd) lift motor error
SC504Drawer 4 or 3rd lift motor malfunction
SC505LCC Tray malfunction
SC506Paper tray motor lock
SC507LCT main/feed motor lock
SC508Rear fence drive motor
SC509Drawer 3 LCT right fence error
SC510LCT lower limit error
SC511LCC motor lock
SC515Drawer left guide drive motor error, Tandem rear fence motor error
SC516Drawer 1 side guide motor error
SC520Paper tray error/Duplexer jogger drive motor error
SC521Duplexer jogger driver motor error 2
SC522Duplex-Side fence jogger HP error
SC524Duplex-End fence jogger HP error
SC530Bypass feed motor lock/fusing fan motor error
SC531Fuser/Duplexer reversing motor error
SC541Fuser thermistor open/ Hot Roller thermistor open
SC542Fuser Temperature warm-up error
SC543Fuser overheat error1
SC544Hot roller fusing lamp lower limit temperature detected
SC545Fuser lamp overheat error 2
SC546Fuser ready temperature malfunction
SC547Zero cross signal malfunction/ Fusing temperature does not increase
SC548Fusing installation error
SC550Fusing web end
SC551Pressure roller thermistor open
SC552Pressure roller warm up error
SC553Pressure roller overheat
SC554Pressure roller low temperature abnormal
SC555Pressure roller ready temperature abnormal
SC557Pressure roller temperature does not increase
SC558Zero cross signal abnormal
SC590Exhaust/Fusing fan motor error/used toner collection motor error
SC591Toner supply motor error
SC592Toner bank motor error
SC599Copy exit tray motor lock

Troubleshooting Tips:
SC500:Too much load on the drive mechanism
  • Some gears or other rotating parting has been jammed.
  • Developing unit is over toned.
  • Main motor or its driving board is defective.
Before replacing motors or sensors, first check the mechanical load.
SC 541:Fusing thermistor open:
  • Machine is plugged into low line voltage.
  • Fixing thermistor is defective or out of position.
  • Some loose connection
  • Power Supply board defective
SC590:Left exhaust fan motor error
  • Loose connection of the exhaust fan motor.
  • Too much dust in the fan causing too much load on the motor driver.
(e) 6XX: Communication errors
CodePossible Cause
SC600Communication Error Between Main Control and Operation Panel Boards
SC634Key/ Card Counter Device Error
SC636Communication Error Between BICU & Paper Feed Control PWA
SC696Communication Error Between Engine Boad and Finisher
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC621:ADF connection error
  • An incorrect ADF is installed on the machines.
  • The connector of the ADF is removed while the machine is in the energy save mode.
(f) 7XX: Peripherals Problems
CodePossible Cause
SC700RADF Original Pickup Malfunction
SC702RADF Feed Motor Lock
SC703RADF Transport Motor Lock
SC704RADF Original Exit Motor Lock
SC705RADF Bottom Plate Motor
SC721Sorter Bin Motor
SC722Finisher/Sorter Jogger Motor
SC727Finisher Stapler Rotation error
SC728Finisher paper stack height error
SC733Finisher Lower Tray lift Motor
SC760ADF Gate Abnormal
SC770Display Editor Abnormal
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC700:ADF pickup problem
  • Home sensor is defective
  • ADF board or pickup roller mechanism is defective.
SC733:Finisher lower tray lift motor
  • stack height sensor or lower tray limit sensor may cause this problem
(g) 8XX: Controller Errors
CodePossible Cause
SC800Startup Without Video output End
SC804Startup Without Video Input End
SC818Watchdog Error, Software Malfunction
SC819Kernel Mismatch, Download Firmware again
SC820Self Diagnostic Error,Download Firmware again
SC855Wireless LAN card problem detected
SC857USB Interface Error Detected
SC868Incorrect Data is detected in the SD card
SC870Address Book Data stored on the hard disk was abnormal
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC 826:Self diagnostic error:
NVRAM on the controller board is defective and must be replaced.

SC855:Wireless LAN card error
  • Poor Connections between LAN card and the printer
  • Defective controller board.
  • Defective wireless LAN card.

Please note that this detail is just for information. Do not try to repair a machine if you are not a qualified technician. Technicians should also not take this information as a substitute of technician manuals.

SC410 paper seperation leak
SC411 Separation bias leak error
SC420 Cleaning motor lock
SC422 PCC Leak
SC430 Quenching lamp error
SC440 Main motor lock/drum
SC441 Development motor lock
SC450 Paper transfer bias leak
SC451 Paper transfer belt motor lock
SC452 transfer belt mark detection error
SC455 Paper transfer belt discharge corona current leak
SC456 Paper transfer unit position error
SC457 Image transfer belt cleaning unti position error
SC460 Thermistor 1 temperature error
SC461 Thermnistor 2 error
SC471 Transfer Belt HP sensor error
SC490 Toner supply motor leak
SC492 Cooling an motor lock
SC493 Exhaust fan motor lock
SC495 Toner recycling unit error
SC496 Toner collection bottle error
SC497 Toner recycling motor error

The following error messages will appear on GestetnerLanierRicoh and Savin products control panel. There are no codes listed in service for operator/user problems. 
SC-101Exposure lamp, lamp stabilizer board, dirty white plate, dirty optics, SBU board, CCD
SC-103Power problem
SC-104Exposure lamp problem, main relay optics board, electrical noises or communication error
SC-105Zero cross, main relay, optics board, FUSE 804 on DCPS or AC drive board on FT series 
SC-120-123Scan home problem, sensor, scan motor, (EX-IPU board or fuse FU103 Aficio 400, 401, 500)
SC-121Scan home or fuse FU4Scan home or fuse FU106 Aficio 550/650
SC-124Scan motor encoder or scan motor
SC-125Scanning to slow speed
SC-126Scanning too fast speed
SC-127Scan motor or optics board
SC-128Scan start speed wrong; motor, board, drive section 
SC-129Scan speed problem; motor or PSU
SC-130SBU error
SC-140 / 141Lens vertical home sensor
SC-142 / 143Lens horizontal home sensor
SC-144 /1453rd scan home sensor problem
SC-190EX-IPU board Aficio 400, 401, 500Optics thermistor FT 7950, 7960, 7970 series  
SC-192Automatic SBU adjust error, SBU, BICU, exposure lamp regulator, exposure lamp, dirty white plate
SC-193APS sensor FT 7950, 7960, 7970 series
SC-194IPU white level detect (too low) same as 192
SC-300-303Charge corona
SC-302Laser (polygon) motor problem
SC-302Charge roller, HVT, or fuse FU5 (AFICIO 340, 350 series, 355, 450 series, and 455)
SC-302-01, 02, 03, 04Charge corona assembly Aficio 550/650 SC-303Charge corona wire cleaner, disconnected or time out for printer
SC-304Charge roller problem, ID sensor problem
SC-305Time out error for memory or EX-IPU board or fuse FU103 on Aficio 400, 401, 500
SC-310-314Potential sensor
SC-320Laser motor problem
SC-321Laser write problem, BCU board, EX-IPU board
SC-322Laser 1 synch. Problem
SC-323Laser drive problem
SC-324Laser drive excess current draw problem
SC-326Laser 2 synchronization error 

SC-327Laser 1 home position error
SC-328Laser 2 home position error
SC-329Laser beam pitch error
SC-330Laser diode no initial setting 
SC-331Laser diode home error
SC-332Laser diode present position error
SC-335-338Laser motor polygon problem
SC-340TD sensor output error
SC-341Developer motor lockupTD sensor adjust error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-342TD sensor adjust error
SC-345Toner collect motor lockupDeveloper bias loss Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-346Toner recycle motor disconnected
SC-350-1: thru 5ID sensor error
SC-351Vsg problem, bad drum, ID sensor
SC-352TD (toner density) sensor problem or bad toner mix
SC-353Vsp problem; image density sensor, drum, HVT, developer bias, needs cleaning
SC-354Vsp problem; image density sensor, drum, HVT, developer bias, needs cleaning
SC-355Toner density sensor or under toned
SC-356Toner density sensor or over toned
SC-358Image density sensor, drum, toner spray
SC-360Hard disk drive error 1
SC-361Hard disk drive error 2Incomplete drum potential calibration, check imaging formation assembly FT 7950, 7960, 7970
SC-362Image compression errorHard disk drive error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P SC-363Data transmission error
SC-364Data transmission time out errorVd out of specs, drum, drum potential sensor, charge corona FT 7950, 7960, 7970Hard disk drive error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-365Image storage errorVI out of specs, drum, drum potential sensor, charge corona, dirty optics FT 7950, 7960, 7970
SC-366CRC error Aficio 550/650Vr out of specs, drum, drum ground FT 7950, 7960, 7970Hard disk bad sector maximum Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-367Hard disk bad sector maximum Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-370-01 thru 07Drum potential sensor error Aficio 550/650
SC-370-374IMAC error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-376, 380, 382, 384, 386, 388Data transmission problem Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-390CRC error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-390-1Toner density sensor error
SC-390-2Toner density sensor error 
SC-391Developer bias problem or FU103 on Aficio 550/650  Image storage address error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-392Toner density sensor
SC-395Developer bias problem
SC-400, 401Transfer roller error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P 
SC-401Transfer roller positive error problem
SC-401-1Transfer roller/belt short
SC-401-2Transfer roller/belt open or fuses FU104, FU115, FU116 Aficio 550/650
SC-402Transfer roller negative error problem or open
SC-403Transfer belt position error, electromagnetic clutch release or fuse FU5
SC-405Transfer belt position error, electromagnetic clutch release or fuse FU5
SC-405Scanner problem; BCU, EX-IPU board or SCU on Aficio 400, 401, 500
SC-411Separator bias
SC-430Quenching lamp error
SC-440Main motor locked or drum motor locked
SC-441Developer motor locked
SC-490Exhaust fan problem or ozone fan problem
SC-491Laser cooling fan locked
SC-492Cooling fan problem 
SC-493Bridge fan problemExhaust fan locked Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-494Fuser fan locked
SC-495Toner recycling unit problem
SC-496Toner collector bottle problem
SC-497Toner recycling motor problem
SC-500Main motor lockedBypass motor locked FT 7950, 7960, 7970
SC-501-1 & 21st Tray lift problem
SC-502-1 & 22nd tray lift motor problem
SC-503-1 & 23rd tray lift motor problem
SC-504-1 & 24th tray lift problem
SC-505LCT tray
SC-506Optional tray motor locked
SC-507LCT motor locked
SC-508Tandem rear fence motor
SC-509Tandem side fence motor
SC-510-1 & 2LCT lift problemPaper feed motor problem Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-511Tandem side fence motor errorLCT motor error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-515Tandem rear fence motor Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-516Tandem side fence motor Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-520Duplex or fuser drive problem FT 7950, 7960, 7970
SC-521Duplex side fence drive problem
SC-522 & 523Duplex jogger home position FT 7950, 7960, 7970
SC-524Duplex end fence drive problem
SC-530Bypass motor locked or fuse FU106 on Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-531Fusing duplex motor locked
SC-541Fuser thermistor open
SC-542Fuser temperature too low or fuse FU107 on Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-543Fuser temperature to high
SC-544Fuser temperature too low
SC-545Fuser temperature to high 
SC-546Fuser ready temperature unstable
SC-547Zero cross problemFuser lamp stays on, AC drive board, optics board FT 7950, 7960, 7970
SC-548Fuser unit not installed
SC-590Toner collector motor problemCooling fan Aficio 220/270 series
SC-5911 bin tray motor
SC-600Communication problem between SCU and operation

SC-601Communication problem between BICU and scannerCommunication problem between BCU and EX-IPU board Aficio 400, 401, 500Communication problem between SBU and SBICU Aficio 550/650Communication problem between MCU and BICU Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P SC-602Communication problem between BICU hard disk drive boardCommunication problem between BCU and fuser control unit on Aficio 400, 401, 500Communication problem between Hard disk drive board and SBICU Aficio 550/650Communication problem between BICU and hard disk drive board Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-602-2, 2, -3Communication problem between BICU and ADF
SC-604Communication problem between BCU and high voltage board
SC-605Communication problem between SCU and BCU
SC-610Communication problem between IOB and duplex unit
SC-610, 611, 612Communication problem between BICU and ADF
SC-620Communication problem between BICU and ADF
SC-621Communication problem between BICU and finisher
SC-623Communication problem between BICU and paper tray unit
SC-624Communication problem between BICU and LCT
SC-625/626GA5 data transfer error; EX-IPU or softwareCommunication problem between BICU and finisher Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PCommunication problem between BICU and LCT Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-627Communication problem between BICU and LCT Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-630Communication problem between line adapter and CSS center (Japan)
SC-635-636Communication problem between BICU and paper feed board Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-640BICU data transfer sum check error
SC-641BICU control data transfer problem
SC-650, 653Key card (Japan)
SC-670Engine or BICU error
SC-672Op panel to controller problem
SC-690BICU problem (12C)
SC-691Communication problem between BICU and fax controllerBICU problem (12C) Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-692Communication problem between BICU and print controller boardBICU problem (12C) Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-694Communication problem between BICU and scanner board
SC-696Communication problem between IOB and finisher
SC-700ADF P/U problem
SC-701ADF P/U problem
SC-702ADF feed in motor
SC-703ADF transfer motor
SC-704ADF feed out motor
SC-705ADF bottom plate motor
SC-720Finisher transport drive motor problem
SC-721Finisher tray shift or shift motor problem
SC-722Finisher jogger motor
SC-723Finisher stack feed motor problem
SC-724Finisher stapler hammer motor
SC-725Finisher stack feed out motor
SC-726Finisher shift/lift motor
SC-727Finisher stapler rotation motor
SC-729Finisher punch motor
SC-730Finisher stapler position motor 
SC-731Finisher exit guide motorFinisher exit open/close motor problem Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-732Finisher up tray shift motor problem
SC-733Finisher stack feed out motorFinisher lower tray shift motor problem Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-734Finisher lift motorFinisher lower tray shift motor problem Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-735Finisher exit guide motorFinisher pre-stack motor Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P
SC-736Finisher exit guide plate motor
SC-737Finisher waste stapler full
SC-738Finisher shift tray lift motor
SC-740 1000 sheet finisher error

  • 01: Shutter error
  • 02: Exit error
  • 03: Upper exit plate error
  • 04: Jogger motor
  • 05: Stapler motor
  • 06: Stapler hammer motor
  • 07: Tray lift motor
  • 08: Shift tray height sensor
  • 09: Back up RAM
  • 0A: Communication error
SC-7411000 sheet finisher error in saddle stitch areao        01: Position plate motoro        02: Folder roller motoro        03: Shutter guide motoro        04: Booklet jogger motoro        05: Stapler motoro        06: Folder plate motoro        07: Connectoro        08: Switch
SC-750Interchange connection problem
SC-751Bridge connection
SC-752Finisher connection
SC-760ADF gate problem 
SC-770Shift tray motor
SC-800Control board bad
SC-804Control board bad
SC-819Software application error
SC-820Control board or software
SC-821Control board
SC-822Bad HD
SC-823Bad control board or NIC
SC-824NVRAM or battery bad

SC-826NVRAM bad
SC-827Memory problem
SC-828Bad control board or firmware
SC-829RAM DIMM or control board bad
SC-835Control board or connector
SC-836, 837Font ROM bad
SC-838Clock generator problem
SC-850NIB or control board bad
SC-851IEEE 1384 interface board or control board bad
SC-860, 861Hard drive problem, connection or cable
SC-862, 863Returned, Bad sector in hard drive
SC-864Abnormal HD data transfer
SC-865Hard drive error 
SC-900Electrical copy counter problem reached 10 million or NVRAM problem
SC-900-01Mechanical counter
SC-901Mechanical counter or fuse FU4
SC-921MSU hardware errorCopier feature expander hardware error Aficio 220/270
SC-940Main switch problem or main board 
SC-951Gate signal error 
SC-953Scanner image setting error (Software)
SC-954Printer image setting error
SC-955Memory setting error
SC-956Scanner parameter error
SC-957, 958Scan error
SC-959Printer setting ID error
SC-960Printer return ID error
SC-961Printer ready ID error
SC-962Memory setting ID error
SC-963Memory finishing error
SC-964Printer ready error
SC-970Scan error
SC-980Program loading error or hard drive access error
SC-981Hard drive response error
SC-982Hard drive construction error
SC-984Hard drive response errorControl board, BICU or connection bad Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-985Control board, BICU or connection bad Aficio 1035, 1045
SC-986Software problem 
SC-990Communication problem between BICU and input output board or software performance error
SC-991Software problem
SC-996FCU board or firmware problem
SC-997, 998Software or missing RAM or missing DIMM
SC-999Program version error or fuser FU6 Program download problem, BICU, IC, NVRAM bad, power loss, board installed wrong Aficio 1035, 1045
Printer Controller Error Codes 
2001Power on error
2002FGATE error
0201On board SDRAM error
0301SDRAM error
0FxxController –BICU error
1101Data transmission error
1102Data loop back
11xxCentronics cable error
1401Controller NVRAM error
1402NVRAM check sum error
1403NVRAM white error
1404NVRAM read error 
1501RTC error
1601Font ROM error
1602Data in font ROM is damage
1BxxOptions bus A error 
RICOH 3813 Copier
U1Right side open
U2No key counter
U4Sorter not latched or closed
U6Developer unit not in place
E11Exposure lamp problem
E12Exposure lamp problem
E13Zero cross, main board or power supply
E-14Zero cross, main board or power supply
E-21Scan home problem
E-22Scan home problem
E-28Lens home problem, sensor
E-29Lens home problem
E2A4th and 5th mirror home problem
E2B4th and 5th mirror home problem, Fuse 2 on AC/DC board
E40Open thermistor
E42Bad transfer corona or HVT
E52Low fuser temperature
E53High fuser temperature
E54Fuser lamp on too long
E55Fuser thermistor open
E96Bad main power switchAuto image density LED or manual id LED flashing. Toner density problem.


  1. What does the spanner symbol on the control panel of the Aficio 2027 mean and how do you retrieve an error message when the display is not lit when the spanner symbol lights up

  2. How do I fix an Aficio MP201 giving an SC 391 error code?? I changed the high voltage supply board, I checked the pcu for a loose connection but it still throws out the error code. Can you kindly please help!!!